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The Road to Perfection

But if anybody at any time had simply said, “Now look, not only should society get a break, but the individual himself ought to get one. Not only should the state get a break, but the family should, too. And let’s see if we can’t raise all these things simultaneously,” they would have gotten the same changes there. Because man will change only in the direction of good. If you change him on all fronts, he only changes in one direction: good. This tells you there must be something wrong with the idea that man is evil.

Man changes well and easily in the direction of good and hardly changes at all in the direction of evil. You could take an evil man, and it’s pretty hard to make him more evil—it’s almost impossible. In fact, nobody’s ever done it. If he had evil inclinations, some Jack the Ripper or somebody—he could be worked over by people, and he’d remain just about as evil as he was. No change.

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